6 Ways to Highlight Potential in the Workplace

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6 Ways to Highlight Potential in the Workplace

When it comes to the workplace, not everyone wants to stay put. Some may be content with doing so, but others dream of rising through the ranks and serving the company in different ways. Unfortunately, not everyone is made for roles in higher management, but certain employees have the potential to do great things for your company. It’s just about differentiating the truly motivated, high potential employees from those who are content with their daily workload.

Here are a few steps on how to pick out those with particularly high potential.

  1. Employee of the Month. Employee of the Month is an oldie, but is a great way of encouraging future success. However, instead of awarding this from higher management, allow colleagues to nominate each other for Employee of the Month. Since they collaborate on a daily basis, colleagues will be able to highlight those performing at a higher level. It will mean more coming from their colleagues and the award will encourage your employees to be on their A-Game at all times – not just when management is around!
  2. Keep your Ears Open. Make sure you maintain an open dialogue with your employees. Have frank discussions where you can asses their strengths in order to develop those skills in the future. During these discussions, you can also see what their goals and aspirations are and find out how the company can better serve their needs.
  3. Project Leaders.  A rotating schedule of project leaders will allow certain employees to rise from the pack. It will highlight employees who are innovative, keen troubleshooters, and potential management material. By rotating people in these positions, unexpected employees are put in leadership positions where they may surprise you with their performance.
  4. Frequent Performance Reviews and Evaluations. These are key opportunities to check on the development of your employees. Make sure the conversation is not one-sided so they can also highlight any ways the company may become better at highlighting their potential. Frequent evaluations will differentiate those who do the bare minimum from those who are constantly hardworking. It will even show those who have been improving over time, which is a great indicator of future success.
  5. Invest in Education. While not every business can pay for their employees’ MBA, there are more concentrated ways of educating that can prove highly beneficial. Have you heard about an interesting and informative new training course? Send your most motivated employees and they will only motivate the rest of your workforce when they return. Know of an upcoming conference with key speakers in your field of work? Send an employee with high potential so they can learn from the best minds in the field. Maybe one day they’ll end up speaking at one of those panels too!
  6. Room for Growth. Ensure your organization leaves room for upward mobility. If there is nowhere for your high potential employees to reach for, they will not be motivated to do their best. Whether it’s by becoming a manager or taking on new responsibilities within the company, allowing for growth will continue to highlight those who seek out new titles and responsibilities.

At the end of the day, it’s all about investing in the great employees you have. You wouldn’t have hired them otherwise!

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