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OFC was hatched under the bright fluorescent lights of a cubicle during a crisp November day in 2010.  Jordan Berman, a marketing executive at MTV, was flipping thru a Nielsen research report when he came across a startling statistic that cited a majority of online video is watched between 2-4pm.  Jordan then walked amongst his Millennial staffers and confirmed that cat videos had indeed conquered the coffee break.  He realized that company communications would have to work much harder with more entertainment value if they were to earn the attention of his distracted employees.

Berman decided to leave MTV and create a new kind of agency that would make internal communications “sexy” to overcome employee apathy and A.D.D. This agency would treat employees like consumers whose attention had to be won with compelling programming and promotion delivered on every conceivable device. The days of cascading memos, newsletters and talking head videos were over. Berman would bring high-powered creative to build buzz around culture, training, change management and beyond.

OFC was born!


OFC people are passionate professionals who live at the intersection of pop culture and office culture.

Jordan Berman

Founder & CEO

Joann Chedid Appio

Marketing & Account Management

Sam Klein

Creative & Production

Teddy Filson


Jeremy Rech

Editing & Motion Design

Sean Schools

DP & Editing

Brandon Ripley Director of Photography
Brandon Ripley


Alyssa Achuff
Alyssa Achuff


Mike Fitzgerald




Angel Yu

Hair & Makeup


Office Mascot

We don't always create hr videos. But when we do, they're awesome.

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