Amcor, a global leader in packaging innovation, required an Investor Day video to showcase how art and science converge at their Amcor Rigid Packaging Innovation Centers. The communication needed to elevate the common PET bottle into an iconic brand vessel reflecting the creation of shareholder value through creative problem solving, dynamic design, passion and a commitment to sustainability.

Amcor Investor Day Video by OFC 2020


OFC conceptualized a beautiful narrative, which was written into a compelling script and voiced by a professional voiceover artist. We focused on how Amcor merges art, design, engineering, and sustainability to craft the perfect packaging for consumers. OFC’s videographer visited one of Amcor’s R&D facilities to film gorgeous b-roll; a unique challenge in the Covid era. OFC created a shot list in advance of the shoot, detailing every necessary piece of footage, essentially directing the shoot remotely.


The video was a major success, providing employees and prospective investors with an inside look at what happens inside an Amcor Rigid Packaging Innovation Center. Viewers across the globe were delighted to see the story of their work told in such an artful, well-crafted manner, and investors were stunned by the passion Amcor showed through the production of this video.
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