NS1 Modern DDI


NS1, a pioneering networking and application access solutions company backed by Cisco, needed a way to educate and inspire IT decision makers about the “NS1 Modern DDI” service.
NS1 modern ddi animated video by OFC


OFC collaborated with the NS1 marketing team to produce a modern animated explainer video amplifying NS1’s technological innovation. OFC drafted a compelling script balancing NS1’s story with persuasive technical detail, along with assembling a storyboard that reinvented the classic whiteboard video with a contemporary twist. OFC’s talented animators ignited the NS1 brand by injecting motion into key assets (colors, icons, and product badges) in a clean look enhanced with a powerful music bed and narrated by a professional voiceover artist selected specifically for the brand.


The “NS1 Modern DDI” video has resonated with current and prospective enterprise customers, leading to an increase in sales among organizations like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Netflix. The explainer video has also galvanized NS1 investors, partners and sellers around the company’s unique approach to modernizing internet infrastructure, which is further accelerating NS1’s growth.
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