Pepsico Ace: Award for Customer Excellence


PepsiCo needed to refresh their service award program for inspiring world-class customer service among frontline employees including delivery drivers, merchandisers and sales reps.


OFC devised the ACE: Award for Customer Excellence for celebrating individuals, teams, locations, and managers for outstanding service as quantified by their Service Score. Associates are recognized on a quarterly basis with the coveted ACE bottle cap pin worn on uniforms for high visibility among customers and colleagues alike. The campaign built buzz with vintage style artwork featuring the Regional Vice Presidents transformed into Uncle Sam or Rosie The Riveter encouraging service excellence. The 2018 campaign will unleash customer service superpowers by introducing the “Service Squad”, a team of comic book heroes modeled after each Regional Vice President!


The number of frontline employees achieving their Service Score target jumped to the highest recorded levels and ACE recognition ceremonies has become a new PepsiCo tradition.

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