PepsiCo Adelante Logo Hype Video


Adelante, a Hispanic/Latinx employee resource group within PepsiCo, wanted to reveal their brand new national logo in a BIG way at the 2020 Hispanic Heritage Month opening event.

PepsiCo Adelante Logo Hype Video by OFC


To build excitement and capture attention, PepsiCo called upon OFC to edit an ultra high-energy video celebrating Hispanic/Latinx culture. With captivating visuals, incredible on screen graphics, and a super punchy music track, the narrative of Adelante was told in a tightly edit video, building up to the big reveal: Adelante’s brand new national logo.


Played at a heavily attended virtual event, the video was incredibly well-received by employees of PepsiCo nation-wide. Both Adelante members and non-members alike reveled in the creativity shown in the video, which was inspired by the thoughtful, fresh, and vibrant Adelante logo.
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