PepsiCo: PBNA Now Intranet Launch Video


PepsiCo Beverages North America needed a campaign to get employees excited about their revamped intranet site,


Drones, robots, and carrier pigeons. Wait, what? OFC created a fun and irreverent multi-media campaign, which featured employees riffing on ways to get creative with internal communications. The mockumentary video series took the form of a tongue-in-cheek live-action sketch comedy short showcasing how drones, robots, carrier pigeons, and virtual reality headsets would improve or destroy workplace communication.  Of course, the best idea is the simplest idea: upgrade the intranet. The video concludes with enhanced interface animation and an inspiring voiceover to bring the site to life.


A teaser video premiered 1-week before the PepsiCo Town Hall to pique interest in the big announcement to come. The final video then premiered at the Town Hall, garnering attention, laughs, and conversation about, which saw a major spike in traffic post-launch.

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