OFC acts as an extension of client communication departments, becoming fluent in their business while bringing fresh perspectives. Our “3P” methodology ensures campaign success with the creation of compelling programming that is showcased by buzzworthy promotion for delivery on any multi-device platform.

Media & Message Strategy

An effective campaign starts with understanding the channels by which employees and business customers consume content: digital (intranet, email, social media), on-site (video screens, posters/flyers), and events (PowerPoint presentations, town halls, staff meetings, webinars). The message delivered by those channels must then reflect both what management wants to say and what the at-work audience want to hear.

Creative Ideation

It’s been said, “to be typical is to be invisible.” The development of unique and compelling campaign ideas is therefore critical to earning employee and customer attention. We fuse office culture and pop culture to generate original approaches that defy cubicle conformity.

Writing & Design

Big ideas are essential, but not sufficient. OFC writers and designers put flesh on the bone by crafting storyboards, scripts, collateral and logos that avoid “corporate speak.” We help companies talk like humans to ensure their employees and customers receive messages that are relevant and authentic.

Production & Promotion

To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “production is 90% preparation and the other half is spontaneous creativity.” The OFC crew masters production logistics to ensure everyone is comfortable when the cameras roll. Our promotional efforts leverage employee and customer influencers across all levels of the company to create positive noise.

Measurement & Optimization

We measure both leading and lagging indicators to evaluate campaign performance and continuously improve communications. Leading indicators include audience engagement with content (views, clicks, likes, comments, forwards) while lagging indicators signify attitude and behavior change (org health survey responses, retention, productivity and performance).

Sales & Marketing

Inspire outstanding performance with powerful brand and sales communications.

  • Sales incentive programs
  • Sales presentation design
  • Sales video series
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Sales collateral development
  • Social media campaigns
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Product marketing videos
  • Branded entertainment
  • Marketing campaign concepts
  • Digital advertising

Engagement & Recognition

Ignite employee passion around company mission & results.

  • Employee generated video
  • Department documentaries
  • Town Hall meeting production
  • Initiative naming & logo design
  • Executive communications
  • Social media campaigns
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Recognition program branding
  • Award design & manufacturing
  • Ceremony production
  • Employee appreciation programs

Onboarding & Training

Jumpstart an amazing employee experience with continuous professional development.

  • Onboarding program branding
  • Orientation scripting
  • Company overview video
  • Employee handbook design
  • Company branded merchandise
  • Learning course development
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Video learning modules
  • Learning incentive programs
  • Training website development

Talent Acquisition

Attract prospective employees with a unique employer value proposition.

  • Employer value proposition statement
  • Copywriting
  • Employee photography
  • Collateral, posters & flyers
  • Employee video testimonials
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Talent network communications
  • Branded promotional items
  • Job fair signage and materials
  • Recruiter presentations
  • Career website development

Culture & Change Management

Galvanize employee commitment to embrace culture & new ways of working.

  • Culture statement
  • Employee culture videos
  • Workplace design & decor
  • Employee events & activities
  • Community service programs
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Change initiative branding & logo
  • Change news articles and alerts
  • Change strategy video
  • Digital and print materials
  • Change hero merchandise

Diversity & Inclusion

Unleash the potential of all associates where every voice is valued.

  • Diversity campaign branding
  • Heritage month poster design
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Diversity training video
  • Diversity leadership communications
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Diversity event production
  • Diversity campus outreach
  • Diversity strategy statement
  • Employee resource group handbook
  • Social media campaigns


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