Stacie Barrett of Domino's Rockstar of Culture & Communications Interview


This past August 8-9, Internal Communications professionals flew to Chicago to join the 2nd Edition Marcus Evans Internal Branding & Employee Experience Conference produced by Marcus Evans. While sponsoring this conference, OFC had the privilege of meeting many of these culture & communications professionals and discussing their biggest challenges & learnings; Specifically when navigating change management while winning employee hearts and minds around new initiatives and corporate culture change.

At the conference, we spoke to Stacie Barrett, the Director of Internal Communications for Domino’s.

Watch this video, or read below to learn how Stacie develops a narrative that compels employees to embrace company values and drives the business forward:

Internal communications is a strategic part of any great and successful business.

I’m Stacie Barrett, Director of Internal Communications with Domino’s.

My job is to connect our franchisees and corporate team members with our brand’s mission and purpose.

One of the amazing things about internal communications is that you get a chance to make an impact.

Brands can’t achieve their success if everyone doesn’t understand the why behind what they need to do. We started with a challenge and we decided to take ownership of what we could control and started to make change. Since we started, we’ve been on a roll- innovative and changing. We’re figuring out ways to make it easier for families to get pizza on the table for our franchisees to be more profitable.

One of the most exciting ways that we get to tell a story is at Domino’s worldwide rally, where we bring together thousands and thousands of franchisees and team members from all over the world. We have it translated into nine different languages.  

We tell the story of the dream- which is something that we can deliver to people everyday. 93% of our franchisees started off as an entry level position. They can inspire the general managers that make up the bulk of that audience to achieve their own dreams.

For young professionals out there, I would tell you to take a look at any company that you’re interested in and look at the people. Everyone’s going to tell you that it’s about the people- but actually watch their interactions. That is one of the fun things that I love about Domino’s. We respect, we trust and we challenge each other. We grow together and we get better together.

I’ve been with Domino’s for 11 years and I came for the pizza and I stayed for the excitement, it’s been a fantastic ride. A shout to my entire internal communications team, the larger communications team and all of those Dominoids out there!


You can watch Stacie Barrett’s full interview here.

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