10 Tips to Be a Better Leader Today

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10 Tips to Be a Better Leader Today

You are only as good as your team. Every good leader must motivate, inspire and set the bar for employees. Here are ten ways to lead your team to greatness:

1) Show Respect.

Show respect for your team’s dedication and hard work. Internal awards and recognition are important to honor employees for their accomplishments. However, a great leader must go beyond rewards. It is important for employees to know that their opinions and ideas are equally as valued as yours. To create a productive team, you must prove to that you are a part of it.


2) Stop micromanaging.

A true leader will step back and let their team members do their jobs- without breathing down their necks. If you were confident enough to hire them, you must be confident enough to let go. Trust your team to perform. When employees know they are trusted to do their job efficiently, they are pushed to excel to their fullest.


3) Lead by example.

Your habits and leadership style will rub off on your team. If you are taking two hour lunch breaks and consistently rolling into the office late, you are failing to lead by example. It isn’t realistic to expect the best from your employees while only giving them your “so-so.” Don’t dip below the bar you set.


4) Be personable.

Avoid the “big bad boss” persona. A hard-ass business owner will never be able to correctly connect and motivate a team. If your team knows they can come to you with a concern or suggestion, company problems and ideas will be addressed right away rather than pushed under the rug.


5) Stress company purpose.

Your employees should feel pride in their work. Making money and deadlines is important, but inspiring your team through company purpose is what will drive them. If you can’t pinpoint an exact “company purpose,” aim to set it. If you already have a company purpose, aim to constantly reinforce it. Your team should know their hard work makes a difference in more than just company revenue.


6) Mean what you say.

Don’t mention something you don’t plan on doing. Getting hopes up through false promise is an easy way to lose credibility. Make sure that you mean what you say, and say what you do. A trustworthy and dependable reputation is what establishes an esteemed leader.


7) Express emotion.

No one can relate to an emotionless robot. Act human. Laugh, smile and have fun with your team. Positive emotion helps encourage outside-the-box thinking. Your upbeat attitude will set a motivational tone for your office. When your team knows you are happy, they feel happy.


8) Avoid imposing fear.

Your team will fail to be inspired if you use fear as their motivator. Great leaders teach and coach their teams- not scream from the sidelines. Be right there next to your employees through tough times and they will reciprocate your loyalty.


9) Cultivate future leaders

As a brand grows, additional leaders will have to step up. Give every team member the chance to advance in their career by empowering them to make decisions (without fear of failing.) Decision-making training is necessary to prepare employees to rise confidently when called upon.


10) Ask Questions

How will you ever know your team is happy if you don’t ask? How will you know you’re meeting your employees needs? Even if your company considers you a leader- it doesn’t mean your employees do. Strive to be the leader your team deserves.

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