15 Affordable Office Benefits that Will Make You a Workplace Hero

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15 Affordable Office Benefits that Will Make You a Workplace Hero

Want to make your office a better place to work, without spending a fortune? Be a “workplace hero” by trying out any of these unconventional office trends:

1) Unlimited vacation:

Treat your employees like adults. Modeled after Netflix’s famous policy, “unlimited vacation” is beginning to catch fire at companies like General Electric and Hubspot. By not tracking sick, vacation or personal days, employees are 100% responsible for the time they miss. This sense of autonomy not only lets employees manage themselves but shows that you trust them.


2) Gym Membership:

Focus on employee wellness. Company gym memberships are not only a perk for employees but for management. Companies who have implemented this strategic initiative have documented less sick days, higher productivity and a generally happier workplace- in turn costing them less.


3) Birthday Cake:

Make every big day special. People hope their birthday will be remembered even at work. By buying a birthday cake for employees, you go above and beyond. A “cake break” highlights your worker and serves as a bonding activity for your office.


4) Share kindles:

Try the 21st century version of an office book club. Buy a few kindles for your workspace. Employees will be able to rent them and write “office reviews” for the books they enjoy. Not only will you learn about your workers but they will learn about each other.


5) Paid time off to volunteer:

Give employees time off to volunteer. Many people love to volunteer, but can’t fit it into their schedules. Creating a program for employees to give back to the community shows you care about more than the bottom line. It also links your company to a greater societal objective.


6) Flexible schedules:

Try a completely free and simple perk. Let your employees choose their own schedules. For example, some workers would rather work 10-6 while others rather 7-3. It is the same amount of hours- just a way to give employees a choice.


7) Company retreats:

You don’t need to bring your employees to an “all-inclusive” resort, however a weekend away with your team does wonders. Getting your workers out of the office for a weekend of fun is crucial for team building and increasing company pride.


8) Game rooms:

Create a game room. Having a fun break room serves as a reminder to employees that they can take a break and unwind. Whether the room includes a TV, gaming system, darts or foosball table- it’s a place your employees can enjoy.


9) Lunch and learn:

Learn something new while bonding over lunch. Cater a lunch and bring in an expert to speak to your employees. Your company will learn something beneficial while dining for free.


10) Company swag:

Mobilize your team into ambassadors! Give your employees free company “swag” to boost morale (and get your company name out there.)


11) Pets allowed:

Let pets in the office. Employers and employees are acknowledging the benefits in this growing office trend. According to a Virginia Commonwealth University study, employees who bring their dogs to work produce lower levels of stress-causing hormones. Allowing pets also helps get people out of the office. Taking a dog for a fifteen minute walk helps “clear the heads” of workers.


12) Free coffee:

Most people need cup of coffee to get through the workday. Many startup companies offer free coffee at work. Coffee in the office not only keeps employees awake and ready to work, but stops them from having to run to the local Star Bucks during the day.


13) Desk swap:

Many offices are treating their employees to an interactive game: musical chairs. Reported by Wall Street Journal, shifting employees desks every few months increases collaboration and productivity. Try to scatter those who have the “same type of tasks,” rethinking which departments would benefit by being placed side by side.


14) In house yoga:

Keep blood flowing at work. When working a nine to five, people are stuck sitting down for the majority of their day. Exercise is a key ingredient in keeping your workforce happy and healthy. Offering employees in house yoga once or twice a week increases employee morale and positive mental health.


15) Stand up desk:

Too much sitting is seriously bad for your health. People who sit for extended periods of time every day are at a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death. Long term sitting is a major problem for office workers, so companies are beginning to give their workers this different option. By buying a few stand up desks for your office, employees have the chance to get out of their seats and keep grinding!

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