4 Tips for Capturing Perfect Videos on Your Cellphone

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4 Tips for Capturing Perfect Videos on Your Cellphone

Thanks to smartphones, capturing high quality videos on cellphones has never been easier. However, poor operating techniques will result in a poor video. Follow the 4 “L”s of videography to capture the perfect videos on your cellphone:


A video is only as good as what you can see. And to see, you’ll need light on the person, place or thing you’re filming. So, be sure to have the light source in front of your subject rather than behind. This will avoid shadows covering your subjects’ face as the light will shine directly on them. All you have to do is move around your subject unAl the light looks right. Once you confirm the light is good, you can press on your screen where the subject is. That will focus the camera so the picture looks sharp instead of blurry. Holding onto an iPhone screen for a few seconds will lock-in that focus. Your focus is locked when the AE/AF icon appears (auto exposure/auto focus).


Unless you’re making an ol’ time silent film, sound quality is critical. So, film your subject in a location that is fairly quiet. If you have to film in a noisy location, direct your subject to speak in a clear and loud voice, even if it seems awkward. You can also move your mobile device closer to the subject for better audio recording. Physically move closer to the subject rather than zooming-in on the screen. Zooming-in reduces the picture quality and resolution.


We naturally hold our phones in vertical portrait mode when talking, texting or surfing the web. However, it’s very important to angle your phone in horizontal landscape mode when you film video (see visual above). That’s because holding your phone horizontally captures video in the widescreen dimension of 16:9. That dimension looks best when watched on a phone, computer or TV. Otherwise, your vertical video takes up just a small slice of the screen. Be sure to grip your phone firmly with two hands, using your thumb and index fingers while being sure to keep your fingers clear of the camera lens and microphone. It also helps to tuck your elbows in or out while standing shoulder feet apart to keep the lens nice and steady. If you’ve got the balance of a ninja, feel free to film in crane kick stance : ) Lastly, slide your phone into airplane mode so the recording doesn’t get interrupted by a phone call or text message.


Ask the people you’re filming to wear solid colors rather than lines, stripes or patterns as that might cause visual interference with the video.

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