5 Corporate Culture Trends You Need to Watch

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5 Corporate Culture Trends You Need to Watch

The world is changing every day. Millennials are joining the workforce, people are redefining what successful company culture looks like, and companies are evolving into a new age of technology.

Here are a few trends you need to watch and implement into your company.

  1. Education. You’re probably wondering how education can be a trend. According to a study at Deloitte, two-thirds of millennials believe it’s their employers job “to provide them with accelerated development opportunities in order for them to stay.” With many enticing opportunities out there, creating education opportunities for your employees will encourage them to find a home at your company.
  2. Re-define the Workforce. While full-time employees are normally the bread and butter of the workplace, it’s time to shake that tired notion up! The working world is changing, which means the way we work is changing too. Instead of only hiring full-time employees, consider hiring freelancers, contractors, consultants, part-time employees, etc. For highly specialized projects, experts can be called in to consult instead of having them staffed full-time, which can prove a little too pricey.All of these workers fall under what’s called Gig Economy, a new trend emerging in the workforce. According to WhatIs.com, Gig Economy helps businesses save valuable resources when it comes to office space, training, and benefits.
  3. Utilize Your Space. Open office spaces have been a trend for a while now. Allow employees to choose where and how they complete their work while also allocating spaces specifically for collaboration. Creating more collaboration areas around the office emphasizes how important teamwork is to your organization.
  4. Real-Time Feedback. Employee evaluations are a practice that benefits both, employees and their employers, but the workplace is changing and it’s leaving no stone unturned. Instead of quarterly or bi-annual reviews, the new trend is instant feedback. Are you working on a project and your employee does something spectacular? Let them know right then and there. Don’t save your praise for a later date. It’ll mean more in the moment and show that you’re always watching. While engaging with an employee, do you hear them directly misunderstanding that day’s task? Let them know in a constructive way. Don’t let it wait or pass it to lower management.Both praise and constructive criticism are now happening at each moment of the day instead of waiting for timely evaluations. This also goes for celebrating achievements or meeting long-term or short-term goals.
  5. Highlight the team, not just the individual. This ties into creating collaborative spaces to highlight growing collaboration in the office. When training employees, make sure you also focus on how they’ll be working together as a team. Your company runs as a whole without one person being the sole reason for the company’s success. That means they need to learn how to work together as a unified singular unit. Create business practices that focus on the unit and less on the whole. Whether this blends with hiring practices or real estate, the new trend is creating a unified workforce.

These are just a few corporate culture trends that will ensure your employees are engaged, working together, and on their A-Game. The new trend is a holistic approach to the workplace where everything from the office building to training is important for employee development. Keep this in mind when you’re analyzing your corporate culture and seeking out further change.

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