Easy Ways to Increase Survey Participation Among Employees

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Easy Ways to Increase Survey Participation Among Employees

Earning employee attention around important initiatives is hard enough. Trying to earn their attention to complete a survey? – even harder!  

Here are easy ways to increase survey participation among employees so you can gain better employee insights:  

  1. Don’t compete for attention. Check your calendars and schedule your survey when there aren’t a ton of higher priority items competing for attention.
  2. Send a few reminders. Things pop up at all times of the day and people are forgetful. Don’t underestimate the power of friendly reminders.
  3. Award prizes/make it fun. Have a critical survey right before a big holiday when employees are distracted? Prizes are a great incentive and way to earn attention.
  4. Use a conversational tone. Questionnaires don’t have to sound stiff. Have some fun and use unique labels for your scales (instead of “very dissatisfied/very satisfied” use “grumpy/happy”).
  5. Keep it short & sweet. Don’t overload the survey with unnecessary questions. Also, make sure your question wording is easy to comprehend.
  6. Be transparent. Tell the respondents what the purpose of the research is and how their feedback will be used.
  7. Easy Access. Make sure your survey is easy to access.
  8. Include a “notes” section. If you’re not asking 1-2 open ended questions, make sure you have a section where respondents can share open comments & provide more information.
  9. Make it anonymous. Respondents may be more open to providing honest answers if the survey is anonymous.

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