The Internal Communicators’ Ultimate Guide to Clear Communication & Content Creation [+ A Free Content Calendar Template]

free content calendar template

The Internal Communicators’ Ultimate Guide to Clear Communication & Content Creation [+ A Free Content Calendar Template]


Great internal communication is more vital now than ever before. With the workforce demographics quickly changing as baby boomers retire and millennials move into management positions, companies are finding the need to restructure their corporate culture to increase collaboration, transparency and feedback while limiting office politics and dated ways of operating. With so much changing, internal communicators are having difficulty prioritizing and clearly communicating the most important messages, which in turn, results in lower employee engagement.

Your job as a communicator is to navigate the ever-evolving corporate culture and prioritize the clear delivery of important information – all while keeping employees informed and motivated. To help, we’ve created a free content calendar template  to help you streamline your planning process and ensure clear, effective communication for higher employee engagement.

The purpose of a content calendar is to help plan your communications out in advance to stay organized and focused. This will help avoid the confusion and frustration that accompanies over-communication and mixed messaging.


Our free content calendar template provides the following:

  1. Full Year Calendar Template – Use this to template to plan out a high-level overview of your communications for the year. Break down your full year into quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4). Jot down important dates, events, initiative rollouts and other special messages you need to communicate in each specific month.
  2. Monthly Calendar – Use this template to plan out specific messaging for each month in more detail.
  3. Weekly Calendar – Use this template to plan your specific to-do items for that week to make sure you have everything you need for each message. For example, identify if you’ll need to write an email newsletter, post an article on the company intranet or company website, post on social media platforms, etc.


Content Calendar Planning Tips:

  1. Focus on prioritizing key messaging to avoid over-communicating. Communicating too many changes or new initiatives at once can be overwhelming.
  2. Define the internal communications tools & channels you’ll use in advance. Email, intranet, company website, Slack, Yammer?
  3. Invest time and effort into researching your audience’s internal communications needs. What channels do they pay more attention to?
  4. Identify how you’ll track & evaluate the success of your internal communications activity.
  5. Define your target audience for each message. Will you be communicating this to different levels of management, or frontline employees? Or perhaps a specific region or office?



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