How to be a Positive Leader in Change Management

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How to be a Positive Leader in Change Management

While change is never fun or easy, it’s necessary for creating a successful and evolving industry. From new technology to new business practices, we have to constantly be looking for new ways to enhance our already established behaviors. This involves having a keen eye for industry changes on both an individual and organizational basis.

Change is Universal

Instead of focusing on one area where change is necessary, take a holistic approach. Make sure you change the way your business practices reflect the change in technology. From training to development to operating, all of these areas must adapt to large scale change. Remember to look at all areas of your organization to see how change might affect them.


Lead By Example

At the end of the day, change begins with you! Employees may understand directives and new procedures at face value, but it’s difficult to just put a new set of rules in place and say “Go”! Work on putting new changes into place one by one – a directive here, a new workplace behavior there – and begin by making the change yourself. Be a model for your employees. If you’re the one desiring and implementing change, you must be the one to show change at work. You’re a leader in the company, so lead! Your employees will see your shining example and will follow without even realizing it.

Utilize the Front Line

While an emphasis has been placed on your involvement in implementing change, don’t forget the brilliance of your hardworking employees. They are on the ground floor every day, working with all aspects of your company. Brainstorm ideas early on to get an idea of how change might affect their jobs. They will also be great at highlighting what issues might occur, especially if customers or a change in technology is concerned. Your front line handles the every day tasks of your company, so involve them and ensure that change is truly beneficial for your company.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and can often be difficult to implement, but these steps will help guide you in the right direction. By following these directives, you’ll show how you can be a leader in change management – and your company will thank you. Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide to Successful Change Management!

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