How to Gain Employee Insights By Using Your Communication Network

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How to Gain Employee Insights By Using Your Communication Network

Your responsibility as a communicator is to create, plan and execute your message using insights. Getting honest feedback is crucial to any corporate communication initiative. Whether you set up your own “insights” focus group or just ask your colleagues, you can improve internal communication by focusing on 3 essentials:

  1. Include representation from across the organization. This includes high-level executives to frontline employees and every level in between.
  2. Clearly communicate the group’s role and your expectations. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by having this conversation? How will their feedback be used?
  3. Communicate the impact of all participants’ input. Sometimes just knowing that their input will have an impact and how it will be used will make all the difference in getting honest feedback.


Use your communication network as a research tool to gather feedback by asking important questions about specific initiatives/tactics. Here are a few examples:

  1. For feedback on a communication plan: Is there a tactic that’s missing?
  2. Build a foundation for communication planning: Share an upcoming change and ask what questions come to mind. What can be communicated more clearly? What initial hesitations are there?
  3. Gather ideas for content & announcements: What kind of content would stand out the most? What methods resonate best with each level/department?
  4. Create a network of change champions: Gather colleagues you trust and prepare them to gauge attitudes from their departments. This feedback is crucial.
  5. Test key deliverables: Once you decide on the right content or announcement method, test them individually. One-page overview? Video? Show it to some key individuals for constructive feedback.
  6. Ask about recent communications: Refer to another recent campaign or initiative launch. Do they have a question that was never answered? What would they change about the communication strategy? Use these findings and incorporate them in the announcement to come.


How do you gather employee insights at your company?

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