How to Keep Employees Engaged and Enabled Amid Difficult Organizational Transitions

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How to Keep Employees Engaged and Enabled Amid Difficult Organizational Transitions


Change is never easy. Especially when organizations have to make hard decisions involving cost cutting, downsizing and restructuring. Amid difficult transitions, it is crucial that employee engagement is still top of mind. However, as leaders struggle to build alignment with new directions and inspire employees to work in new ways that often involve doing more with less, this isn’t always easy.

For the sake of your organization maintaining quality in products and services as well as laying a foundation for future growth, we’ve provided a few helpful tips for employee engagement. Read below to find out how to keep employees engaged and enabled amid difficult organizational transitions for a smooth transformation:

Be honest and consistent.
Don’t dance around issues when someone asks you a question. Be honest and genuine. Letting them know that you have their backs will make them feel safe. If you don’t have the authorization to discuss that topic, be honest and tell them that. Be consistent in the answers you tell everyone in order to keep your reputation and build credibility & loyalty.

Meet in-person.
In order to minimize rumors, have formal meetings with your department and share any insights you may have. This is also an opportunity to genuinely engage with your employees and evaluate their mindset. Take the time to talk things out and lighten the mood. By doing so, you’ll have a better chance at not losing touch with what matters to your employees in order to keep productivity up.

Listen and pay close attention to everything that is taking place.
Write notes down so you can refer to them during your next staff meeting with colleagues. By comparing and discussing collective knowledge that comes from all department leaders, you’ll be provided with greater insights that can help you neutralize tension from employees to keep engagement intact.


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