How to Keep Your Internal Communications Plans Relevant

How to keep your internal communication plans relevant

How to Keep Your Internal Communications Plans Relevant

To make any new communication plan effective, it’s vital to include measurement moments to know where that plan should be adjusted. Adjustments can include anything from changing key messages & tactics to changing communications channels.

Here are a few ways you can improve the impact of your messaging to ensure your internal communications plans stay relevant & useful for employees.

  1. Spot surveys. When you’re trying to build awareness or a deeper knowledge, a spot survey will let you know if you’re actually breaking through to your target audience. You can repeat the survey during different stages of your communication plan to see if there is any progress along the way.
  2. Focus groups. Getting honest feedback is crucial to any corporate communication initiative. Whether you set up your own “insights” focus group or just ask your colleagues, you can improve internal communication by focusing on these 3 essentials.
  3. Questions from employees. Collecting questions via email, during meetings & town halls, and intranet pages provides clues about what you need to further address & communicate.
  4. Participation data. Are employees using the tools you created? If you’re using a microsite or an app to push out important information about a new initiative, be sure to use analytics to see which pages employees are visiting and if they’re bouncing around to other pages for more information.
  5. Inspire, Educate, Reinforce. Once you announce a new initiative, don’t stop there. It’s important to keep building momentum and keep pushing out more information.


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