OFC SHORTCUTS: 4 Tips on How to Avoid Dreaded Zoom Fatigue

OFC ShortCuts - Zoom Zombies

OFC SHORTCUTS: 4 Tips on How to Avoid Dreaded Zoom Fatigue

Are you becoming a Zoom Zombie? Episode #8 of OFC SHORTCUTS shares 4 tips on how to avoid dreaded Zoom fatigue. Watch and learn best practices for video conferencing so that you don’t burnout from being on-camera 24/7. To Zoom or not to Zoom? That is the question!

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Short Cuts Episode 8: 4 Tips on How to Avoid Dreaded Zoom Fatigue

“To Zoom or not to Zoom?” That is the question facing frazzled remote workers during the COVID era. While video conferencing has connected countless colleagues, there’s a growing fear that the unblinking camera eye is turning us into a nation of Zoom zombies.

So, here are 4 tips to help you decide when to use video chat, so that you avoid dreaded “Zoom fatigue”.

Zero In on key situations where using video conferencing adds value. Spending all day on camera takes a lot of mental energy, and can spike your stress levels while zapping your productivity.

Opt-In to video happy hours with teammates…but only when you have the bandwidth to bond. Being social is a great way to connect with colleagues, but it should not be a forced experience.

Organize your calendar around an array of communication methods. You might start your day with email, instant messaging, or a phone call, then transition to video chat once you get in your groove.

Manage for results, not facetime. It’s critical that managers employ a more flexible style where they measure real outcomes, regardless of whether they can physically see the work getting done.

Did you notice those tips spelled Z.O.O.M.?

Give these approaches a shot, and you might just get rid of those pesky feelings of Zoom and Gloom.

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