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In episode #4 of OFC SHORTCUTS, it’s all about Podcasts. Podcasts have become incredibly popular, entertaining commuters and coffee breakers alike with true crime, comedy, and more. But there’s another hot genre on the rise: Corporate Communications. Watch and learn how to use Podcasts for engaging your employees and connecting them with executives.

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Short Cuts Episode 5: Podcasts

The moment for podcasts has arrived! More than half of the US population has listened to a podcast and an estimated 62 million Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. While true crime, comedy and pop culture make up hot genres, the category of corporate communications is on the rise.

Beyond the large audience, podcasting as an internal communications medium is growing because it offers a convenient tool for connecting employees with company leaders.

Nearly every smartphone comes pre-loaded with a podcast app, enabling colleagues to listen during their commute or coffee break. Plus, podcasts are quick to download because audio files require little bandwidth to stream.

Podcasts are especially conducive to capturing intimate conversations among executives, which helps to humanize leadership. Just be sure not to overly script dialogue, as podcast listeners love this format’s off-the-cuff sensibility.

The key to a great company podcast is developing an episodic format that informs, entertains and inspires. So, collaborate with a great creative team in branding the podcast series, identifying fun features, recording a relaxed group of speakers, and assembling the best dialogue in an edit.

You’re then ready to promote your podcast to employees and delight ears in every department!



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