OFC SHORTCUTS: New Officemates

Father daughter working from home together

OFC SHORTCUTS: New Officemates


Episode #2 of OFC Shortcuts unearths a fun and engaging way to connect employees while they are physically distanced during remote work, which is…showing off your new officemates! We all may be used to working alongside our peers at the office, but now many of us are working in the company of our kids and cats, among others! Ask employees to take a quick picture or video of themselves with their new officemates. They can submit them to be edited into a fun montage video, which can be distributed company-wide, bringing everyone together even when they’re apart.


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Jordan: “Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean working alone. A great way to engage remote employees is to have them introduce their new officemates. Invite all those isolated employees to submit photos and videos of their cuddly co-workers, be they human, animal, or teenager.”

*Jordan walks into his son’s room as he plays video games*

Son: “Get out of my room, Dad!”

Jordan: “You can then create a fun montage video for sharing with staff, that is guaranteed to get 2 thumbs-up…or 2 paws up.”

*Montage of OFC employees working at home with pets, babies, teens*

Jordan: “User-generated content campaigns can be a great way to keep colleagues connected and energized. So, unleash your creativity…and your pets!”

Engage employees when cat videos conquer the coffee break!

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