8 Pro-Tips from Communication and Employee Engagement Leaders Around the World


8 Pro-Tips from Communication and Employee Engagement Leaders Around the World

Global communication and employee engagement leaders from across the world share their top tips & tricks for success in the internal communications industry. These professionals work at companies spanning from Amazon, HBO, Quicken Loans, MGM Resorts and PoliteMail. Read the top 8 pro-tips from these leaders to learn their successful tips of the trade:

  1. People “share” content from other people (not companies) online.
    Patty Rowell, a leader of Global Corporate Communications at Amazon says that you must find your brand ambassadors within your employees. Employees are more likely to share company content from colleagues- not company sites.


  1. Being generic will not attract great talent.
    When it comes to talent acquisition, highlight the things that make your company unique. Amazon highlights their “Bring Your Dog to Work” policy!


  1. Keep an eye on company referrals.
    Amazon leaders say that if employees are referring new talent it signifies you have a healthy and happy company culture.


  1. Create an employee recognition program.
    Rey Bouknight, Executive Director at MGM Resorts International, says that MGM spreads employee morale through their online recognition program. Colleagues can say “thanks” or “good job” by sending company funded gift cards to one another.


  1. Keep your messages simple and repetitive.
    The CEO of PoliteMail shares that no endless company memo is going to resonate with employees. Make sure to keep emails to the point and consistent for greatest impact.


  1. Highlight your diversity.
    Essilor company leaders love celebrating their “Diversity Day.” It’s a day employees set up different tables with food and music that represent all the different places they’re from.


  1. “The Toilet Paper”
    Margie Elsesser, in charge of Employee Branding at Quicken Loans, has company news posted inside Quicken’s bathroom stalls to grab employee attention. This initiative reaches all employees from upper management to frontline workers.


  1. Celebrate your wins with your employees.
    Reached a new company milestone? HBO leaders suggest to take the time to celebrate your organization’s wins with your employees to show their part in the success story.


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