Joan Cronin VP Strategic Communications


This past February, OFC had the privilege of being a sponsor at the 7th Annual Internal Communications & Situational Messaging Conference produced by Marcus Evans.

Culture & Communications professionals from global companies all flew to New Orleans to binge on sugary beignets and discuss their biggest challenges for fostering an empowered workforce while navigating change management and corporate communications.

At the conference, we spoke to Joan Cronin, the Vice President of Strategic Communications at Citizens Bank.

Read below to learn how Joan leverages strong relationships with colleagues to advance key communication initiatives.

“Hi I’m Joan Cronin. I’m a comms manager at citizens bank. I work with executives to help them get their messages out. I also help to communicate across our organization.

Without question the biggest hurdle we have to overcome in communications is just the competition. Everybody wants to get their message out. They think that their program or project is the most important. It’s understanding that not every colleague needs to get that message.

What has really helped me drive success with the partners I have & the projects I’ve lead is building strong relationships. As I’ve grown in my career and  grown to work with senior leaders, I really listen to them & share good solutions with them. I’ve built strong partnerships, and in turn, they see me as a strong parter, so they’ll head my recommendations. Most of them, I wish all of them, but most of them .

I go to number of different sources for inspiration, for help, to ignite. We have a great team at Citizens. We meet for lunch a lot. We chat about personal stuff but we also do a lot of brainstorming and bring challenges that we have together.

Then I think it’s about making sure that I’m seeking out diverse perspectives.  I don’t think I have the answer to everything and am always getting input from colleagues from all different levels & roles. Don’t ever think that you are confined to solutions. Always look for a new and different way to do it. Bring those ideas to the most senior leaders in the company because they’re open to them. Don’t ever feel like you don’t have a voice.”


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