Larry Galardi- Siemens Healthineers rockstars of culture & communications


This past February 21-22, Internal Communications professionals flew to New Orleans to join the 7th Annual Internal Communications Communications & Situational Messaging Conference produced by Marcus Evans. While sponsoring this conference, OFC had the privilege of meeting many of these culture & communications professionals and discussing their biggest challenges & learnings; Specifically when navigating change management while winning employee hearts and minds around new initiatives and corporate culture change.

At the conference, we spoke to Larry Galardi, the Director of Employee and Leadership Communications for Seimens Healthineers Laboratory Diagnostics Business.

Watch this video, or read below to learn how Larry develops a narrative that compels employees to embrace company values and drives the business forward:

“75% of any communications professional is passion.

My name is Larry Galardi, and I’m the director of Employee and Leadership Communications for Seimens Healthineers Laboratory Diagnostics Business.

This is about story telling, it’s about developing a narrative that compels our employees to embrace our company values and engages them to take those values to drive the business forward.

My debate goes like this, yes it’s very important to do marketing communications so you can sell products. Yes, it’s very important to get into Wall Street Journal or New York Times for great strong PR so that you can build your reputational management. But guess what, none of that opinion making or opinion shaping can be done unless we buy the employees’ perspective and engagement first.

So I’m trying to win hearts and minds. I realize I have a vast array of different media channels at my disposal. The one-and-done doesn’t work. If you can build a sustainable campaign of communications that shows the employees this is ABOUT them and BY them, the hearts and minds get quickly attached to that.

You want the employees talking to each other, whether it’s online, face-to-face, through email channels, digital channels, social media..whatever it might be. We want to start a conversation. I think we’re starting to see incremental steps to that and I think the digital age has a lot to do with that. The millennials are embracing digital technology in a way we’ve never seen before. That digital technology gives new life to video platforms. And it’s even bringing to life a certain vibrancy with print technology. That excites me because it changes the media that we use and it changes the audience’s reaction to it. When you do that, you advance the company forward. You reshape the companies culture, hopefully you create more interest in the marketplace for the company’s products & services, and you grow your own repetitional management.”


You can watch Larry Galardi’s full interview here.

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