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Internal Communications professionals flew to Chicago to join the Marcus Evans Internal Branding & Employee Experience Conference on August 8-9 2018. While sponsoring this conference, OFC had the privilege of meeting many of these culture & communications professionals where we discussed their biggest challenges & learnings. A big topic was how to navigate change management while winning employee hearts and minds around new initiatives and an evolving corporate culture.

We spoke to Natasha Harvey, Samsung’s People Experience and Talent Branding Specialist, who shared her perspective.  

Watch this video, or read below to hear how this recent grad plans on making Samsung an employer of choice in the tech industry.

“Take advantage of all the new people that you’re going to meet at any position and any opportunities that they can provide you.

My name’s Natasha Harvey and I work for Samsung. I’m the People Experience and Talent Branding Specialist.

I essentially do marketing for the HR department, so I’m trying to make Samsung an employer of choice within the tech industry.

The Samsung employees are just so authentic and so willing to help each other out. We are a little more corporate because we are an Asian tech company overall, but we’re an American subsidiary, so we also have a little bit more of the techy atmosphere. Our goal is to try to put ourselves at the forefront of employees and candidates minds in order to potentially get them to work for us.

Trying to differentiate what the customers see of us and what potential future employees see about Samsung is a really new field for us. Trying to jump in there and give ourselves an employer brand that we can actually capitalize on and we can actually control a little bit more.

We can say this is what our company culture is like, these are the amazing events we have, the amazing people that work for us– I think it’s a really cool initiative.

My advice for somebody who is just starting out their career, is to not get too caught up and stuck in your career path and where you think you should be going. I was somebody who was a little bit stuck on that when I graduated college. I thought- I’m graduating college I have to start out doing what I want to be doing and what I’m destined to do. What I’ve learned is that, you can learn so many great things along the way.

You can gain all the skills that you need to gain through a plethora of different positions. So it’s not necessary to just start out in the exact industry you want to end up in or the exact role you want to end up in.

Don’t get too stressed out about where you should be going and just do what feels right. Capitalize on any opportunity that you have.”

You can watch Natasha Harvey’s full interview here.

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