OFC SHORTCUTS: Virtual Studio for the Virtual Office

OFC Shortcuts Virtual studio for the virtual office

OFC SHORTCUTS: Virtual Studio for the Virtual Office


OFC is excited to launch Shortcuts: Smart Storytelling Solutions, a new video series for corporate communicators that showcases creative ways to earn employee attention and inspire action. Episode #1 explores how to create a virtual video studio by taking a note from YouTube and leveraging the power of user generated content (UGC) to capture executive and employee stories. It’s all about leveling-up the authenticity of leader communications and propelling peer-to-peer learning by unleashing your inner Spielberg with a smartphone! Nothing matches the ability of video to win employee hearts and minds. So, get going and get creative!

Watch episode #1 “Virtual Studio For The Virtual Office”  above, or read the episode transcript below.

Video Transcript

In this era of remote work, out of sight can mean out of mind. It’s therefore imperative that companies inform and inspire their isolated employees with new approaches to video communication. While Zoom and Skype are great for LIVE video conferencing, OFC recommends 3 approaches for creating ON DEMAND video content.

Video User-Generated Content (“UGC” in graphic) invites colleagues to film clips on their smartphones and web cams, for submission to OFC, which edits clips into compelling content with b-roll footage, motion graphics and music. Follow the 3Ls for capturing great clips: hold the phone in landscape mode, shine light on your face, and listen to ensure you film in a quiet location. Cute babies are optional. 

Audio User Generated Content asks colleagues to record improvised or scripted voice memos on their mobile devices, which OFC will combine with kinetic text, motion graphics, animation and music. You got a voice? You got a video!

Animated Explainer Videos offer unlimited options to elevate executive communications and bring clarity to new ways of working. OFC provides professionally written scripts, voiceovers and music to really bring leadership messaging to life.

Your virtual office requires a virtual studio, where OFC can collect employee clips and assemble them into compelling videos that earn colleague attention and inspire action. From company leaders to frontline employees, it’s all about surfacing staff stories that supercharge performance with purpose.


About the Author

Jordan Berman is the Founder & CEO of OFC (ofc.tv), a creative agency and video production studio that injects storytelling into employee communications and training to earn attention and inspire action. OFC lives by the words, TYPICAL IS INVISIBLE™, and resides at the intersection of pop culture and office culture to build multimedia campaigns that create buzz, drive engagement and maximize results one cubicle at a time. Clients include PepsiCo, AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Motorola Solutions. Jordan previously held senior marketing positions at MTV, Showtime, AT&T, Black & Decker, and the DDB agency. He has a BS in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell and an MBA from NYU.

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